New Site High School’s FAFSA sign up day for 2021-2022 seniors will be Monday, November 8, 2021.

Normally, representatives meet with students and parents face to face at New Site High School. This year due to Covid-19, parents and students will be assigned a time to meet virtually with financial aid representatives to complete FAFSA documents.

Things to remember about whose information is used to complete the FAFSA application for dependent students:

  1. Only include a biological/adoptive parent’s information. If you live with both of your biological parents under the same roof, you will use both parents’ information.
  2. Think about who lives under the same roof as you. If your parents are divorced, pick the parent you live with the most (if you live with your mother during the week and your father on the weekends, you would use your mother’s information because you live with her the most). If you live with one parent and he/she has re-married, you will also use the step-parent’s information. If your parents do not live together, and you spend equal amounts of time with each of them, you will choose the parent who provides the most financial support and include the spouse/step-parent who lives under that roof.
  3. It doesn’t matter which parent claims you on his/ her taxes. The only things you need to consider are if the person is your biological/adoptive parent, who lives under the roof with you, and who provides the most financial support.

If someone other than a parent or step parent has guardianship, the student would be considered an independent.

Parents must email Mrs. Marshall at or call New Site High School at 662-728-5205 in order to schedule an appointment.

Listed below are links to documents which will assist in completing the FAFSA application.

What is the FAFSA? Click here for explanation.

FAFSA Information Sheet

Dependent vs. Independent Student Description

How Will a Virtual FAFSA Day Work?

How to Join a ZOOM Meeting for FAFSA Day

FAFSA Data Sheet

Step by step instructional video for completing the FAFSA for dependent students

After you complete the FAFSA

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